Paintless Dent Repairs

What type of damage can be repaired by PDR?

We can repair small dents, the size of a coin to large dents the size of soccer balls, depending on the location and severity of damage. We repair damage caused by hail, shopping trolleys, other doors, etc that have not broken or cracked the paintwork. We are happy to inspect and advise if the damage can be repaired successfully by the PDR method, obligation FREE.

Will PDR damage my vehicle or existing paintwork?

No. PDR has no negative effects on the longevity or safety of the vehicle. Today's advancements in automotive paints mean they are far more flexible and durable.

What if the paint is chipped or scratched?

We can usually polish out light scratches and scuffs. If the paint is chipped and you have some touch up paint on hand at the time of the repair, we can remove the dent and will be more than happy to brush touch up paint for you.

Can line dents or creases be repaired?

These range in size from a few millimetres to the length of the entire panel. They can run vertically or horizontally, as well as curved. Creases can be very time consuming and difficult to repair. You will be advised of what can be done upon inspection.

How long does it take to repair a dent?

A small dent can take around an hour or so to repair. Large dents can take up to a few hours to repair. Hail damage may require a few days to complete, depending on the amount of damage.

What can't be repaired using PDR?

We cannot repair major collision damage where the paint has been affected or the metal has stretched. In these cases, this type of severe damage will need to be repaired and repainted using traditional body shop methods. Badly damaged panels will need to be replaced and repainted. We will be more than happy to refer you to a reputable panel shop.

Is Paintless Dent Repair expensive? How much does it cost?

PDR is not expensive. An average repair from a panel shop can cost you upwards of $450. Using our proven methods and specialised tools, we can perform the repair from around $150. That translates to a potential saving to you of 75%. The cost of the repairs also takes the following into consideration;

  • Generally, flat dents up to the size of a tennis ball can be removed without too much trouble. Larger dents which are shallow can also be removed.
  • With sharpness comes metal stretch and with stretch comes the difficulty of manipulating the metal to return to its original position. You will be advised of this upon receiving a no obligation, FREE quote.
  • As PDR is generally carried out from the rear of the panel, access is required to that area. Access can be restricted by such things as side intrusion bars, double metal skin and air bags. Although not impossible to reach these areas, more time will be required to repair the dent.

Will I see where PDR was performed on the panel?

Under normal circumstances, the repair will be undetectable. If the metal is stretched beyond its limits or under other rare circumstances, there may be some slight detection. You will be advised of this during your no obligation FREE quote and further options will be discussed with you.

What do you guarantee?

We provide a full, Lifetime Guarantee on the repair, our quality of work and workmanship.