What is Opti-Coat?

Opti-Coat is a hard wearing, ceramic clear coat for superior resistance to scratching and surface protection from chemical etching due to environmental impacts.

The Opti-Coat pre-polymer cross links, and forms a continuous protective film on the car's painted surface, similar to a single component isocyanate that forms a clear coat finish.

Opti-Coat has better chemical resistance, scratch and mar resistance, and release properties than any automotive paint protection coating in use. It provides permanent protection for all modern factory paints

What Makes Opti-Coat So Different?

Opti-Coat is not a paint protection wax, sealant or nano coating that will wash away, or break down over time. The Opti-Coat ceramic resin produces a protective layer that is chemically fused to the factory clear coat, creating a permanent bond to protect the surface indefinitely. The addition of the Silicon Carbide resin allows Opti-Coat to effectively absorb damage that would otherwise affect the car's factory paint layers. Swirl marks and light scratches are not only decreased by the harder Opti-Coat Ceramic Coating, the factory paint is protected and preserved.

Opti-Coat is completely resistant to acidic environmental substances such as bird lime (bird droppings). Unlike your car's factory clear coating that can be permanently damaged, Opti-Coat will not etch or dissolve when in contact with these substances, and a clean, glossy clear coating is maintained.

What Are The Benefits Of Applying Opti-Coat?

A Superior Clear Coat Film

Opti-Coat will provide the owner with a superior clear coat film and the most advanced paint protection product in the marketplace that is resistant to chemical etching, and harder than factory clear coatings to reduce swirls and scratches.

A Permanent Hydrophobic Surface

Opti-Coat will provide the owner with a permanent hydrophobic surface that is easier to clean, and stays cleaner for longer!

Improved Resale Value

By maintaining a quality finish using Opti-Coat, you'll also maintain a solid resale value when it comes time to upgrade to a new vehicle.

How long does the Opti-Coat ceramic coating last? Will it wash off?

The Opti-Coat resin bonds permanently with your factory clear coat. Once cured, the resin can only be removed through abrasion. We guarantee Opti-Coat’s protection qualities for up to 7 years however performance can continue well beyond this period.

Is Opti-Coat safe for my vehicle?

Our ceramic coating is a very thin and flexible resin used by leading paint and panel shops and will not damage cured clear coats or void any automotive paint warranties. For repainted vehicles, Opti-Coat should not be applied for 30 days after repainting or for the duration your paint manufacturer specifies.

Does the Opti-Coat ceramic coating crack, peel or yellow?

No, Opti-Coat is a very thin and flexible resin that bonds to the surface of your clear coat. It cannot crack or peel and the ceramic particles will not turn yellow.

Is Opti-Coat Scratch resistant?

Yes, Opti-Coat provides your vehicle with some additional scratch resistance by bonding with the paint on your vehicle and producing a thin, outer layer that is harder than your factory clear coat. Ceramic coatings are not scratch proof though and some factory clear coats are also softer than others. Opti-Coat will work to reduce light scratches over the life of the vehicle.

Do I need to wax my car?

No. Once Opti-Coat is applied there is no need to wax your car. The Opti-Coat resin provides far more protection and hydrophobic properties than any wax can provide, and by waxing you may damage Opti-Coat’s hydrophobic effect over time. If you would like to top your Opti-Coat with additional products, we recommend using only synthetic sealants such a Opti-Coat Hyper Seal and not to use carnauba based waxes or polishes.

Do I need to use pH neutral car wash products?

No. Opti-Coat will not be affected by any cleaning chemicals. In fact, because of Opti-Coat’s chemical composition, our ceramic coating thrives on strong chemical cleaners because they have a tendency to remove contamination more efficiently.

Do I have to dry my vehicle after washing?

Yes! Always dry your vehicle after washing and do not allow tap water to dry on the vehicle. Tap water contains minerals and if allowed to evaporate on the surface, the minerals left behind can be difficult to remove.

Does Opti-Coat prevent water spots?

Opti-Coat will prevent water spots penetrating into the lower paint layers and causing permanent damage, however in most cases it cannot prevent water spots from bonding on top of the surface. To avoid water spots, wash your vehicle regularly to remove road grime and always dry your vehicle.

Can ceramic coatings prevent stone chips?

No! Ceramic coatings do not prevent rock chips. If you are seeking a solution for stone chips please contact us regarding our stone chip paint protection film services.

How long does it take do to my car?

The standard process takes 1 day, or can take multiple days depending on the level of service you are requesting. This is due to our extensive preparation processes and care taken on the vehicles we work on to ensure the highest quality work is delivered.

Does your ceramic coating require annual inspections?

No. Our product guarantee does not require you to bring your vehicle to a dealer for annual inspections, however taking your vehicle to a professional for periodic maintenance can be a great idea! Contact your local dealer to discuss what ongoing maintenance packages they can offer.

Can I apply Opti-Coat to my car myself?

No. Opti-Coat requires installation by a professional.