How Do I Wash and Maintain NXTZEN Coating to the Highest Standard?



Vehicles should be washed fortnightly at a minimum to avoid excessive contamination build up on the surface. This is most important for vehicles garaged outside or in heavily populated areas, as build up of dirt and grime can develop into water spotting issues when mixed with rain water.

Avoid washing your vehicle in direct sunlight - heated panels will evaporate water and soap suds, possibly leaving streaks and water spotting on the surface.

Pre-Rinse - remove as much surface contamination as possible before handling the paintwork. Dirt particles are highly abrasive. Pre-rinsing will minimise exposure to the coating.

Wash cleanest panels first - leaving the dirtiest panels last will avoid cross contamination. Usually this involves washing upper surfaces (roof, bonnet, boot) first, followed by upper side panels and leaving lower panels last. NEVER use the same soap and sponge/mitt for wheel cleaning.

Dispose of contaminated water - empty buckets that become too contaminated and refill with fresh, clean soap.



Always dry the vehicle completely and never allow to "air dry" - tap water contains minerals. When water evaporates, these minerals are deposited on the surface creating "water spots". As the minerals harden with heat they can be extremely difficult to remove from the surface.

Use specialised microfibre drying cloths - such as waffle weave drying towels or microfibre chamois. Avoid excessive wiping of the surface and allow the absorbent material to soak up surface water. Low pressure rinsing also known as "sheeting" can remove excess water and make drying easier.


Spot Removal of Surface Contamination

Never use abrasive products to polish the coating and remove spot contamination.

Never use excessive rubbing and force to remove spot contamination.

Surface contamination such as bird droppings, tar, tree sap should be removed as soon as possible to avoid temporary staining of the coating and/or hardening on the surface requiring professional removal.